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ZAPS ACT Prep Seminar
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ZAPS ACT Prep Seminar 

With a top score of 36 and the national average now at 21, a score increase of even one or two points on the ACT is a significant advantage. ZAPS test-preparation seminars are carefully designed to help each student do his or her personal best on the ACT. Students who complete the ZAPS seminar-- and practice our tips and strategies at home-- typically raise their ACT scores by 1 to 4 points.

In the five-hour ZAPS seminar, students will-- -Learn strategies for using partial knowledge to eliminate wrong choices -Understand the most strategic ways to use limited testing time -Take shortened practice tests that mirror the actual testing experience. -Reduce their test anxiety and gain confidence. -Receive a comprehensive Study Guide and 24 practice test worksheets with detailed answer explanations. -Get suggestions for individualized study in the days leading to the test.

Date: Sunday, February 16th
Time: 12:30-6:00 p.m.
Location: HS Room 251
Cost: $91.00
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12:30 PM
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02/16/2020   12:30PM - 6:00PM High School/Middle School - 251